All about that G-String!

All about the G String


Are you a fan of the G-String?  Or are you an anti-g lady?


Either way, there is a lot of controversy about the G-string ranging from safety, sanitary, size and sex appeal.

We are going to dive in and expose some of the juicy g-string details.

If you have never tried a g-string, I highly encourage all women to give them a whirl.  

G-strings were made to make you feel sexy!  Wearing them gives you that secret pleasure to know that you are frisky and have a bit of a wild side.  Let your inner stripper out ladies and go with it!  


Not only do the eliminate panty lines, you can wear them with a tight dress or yoga pants.  They will keep your clothes clean from all your vaginal secretions. They can bring a spice back into your love life and give you a great option for tanning (g string tan lines are so sexy!)   


Some studies have been released about g-Strings being unsafe.  Stating infections and venereal diseases can be the result of wearing a g-string.  Ummmm…….. I would like to say that I completely disagree.  I believe that any infections and diseases could be caused from improper diet, poor hygiene and improper washing of your undergarments.  


Dont be lazy…   Always wash your panties after you purchase them!  You do not know where they have been.  Who or what has touched them.  Ewwww

Change into fresh clean panties every day.  Please ladies, do NOT wear the same panties multiple days in a row!  That is just not ok.  You have to change your panties.  Its the unwritten law. :)  If your panties are riding around in your cootie all day… they are going to get gross.  So if you do not want to risk yeast infections, change them daily for sure.


I believe that a possibility of an infection from wearing a g-string would be slim.   I am in no way giving you medical advice, just an experienced g-string wearer giving my tips and g-string experience to other ladies.

Another important tip for wearing a g-string would be the size.  Its always a better idea to go up in size.  If they are too tight, they are going to be uncomfortable and cause you to have an un-enjoyable experience.  You dont want them digging on your hips causing that caterpillar figure now do we.


Wearing g-strings should be a fun experience.  They can make you feel sexy, flirty and free.  Everyone should experience them at least a few times in their lives.  You man will love you for it!


An easy and simple way to try them out is to get on the Panty of the Month Club with Oooh La La!  Where you will get a variety of panties to try.  Live on the wild side 😉


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